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Posted by 10 May, 2008

The Happiness is Better blog is a synergistic approach to basically being happy and making the most of my life. There are a lot of things that make me happy. I keep up with quite a few blogs, particularly personal finance blogs. I will focus on personal finance, retiring at a much earlier age than the norm, real estate in addition to tid bits I choose to focus my efforts. There are a few reasons I decided to create this blog.

1. I hope that this blog keeps me accountable and helps me retain my focus on my goals.

2. I hope to become a better writer. I’m an engineer and that “typically” means that my writing is not the best.

3. This coincides with the first reason, but I hope that this blog helps me in finishing the projects I start. I will be the first person to admit that I am not highly skilled at finishing up projects. I’m a huge procrastinator and hope that the habit of blogging will translate over into other areas of my life.

4. I intend to retire by the age of 40 and I would like to catalog that journey and hope to show that “It Can Be Done”.

5. I hope to draw like minded people to me because I think it’s important to be around other people that share similar goals and aspirations.


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