Four Most Common Forms of Excusitis

Posted by 9 July, 2008

I am reading a book, The Magic of Thinking BIG, by David Schwartz. I will give a short book review once I am finished, but I wanted to share a portion of the book with you, my one reader :). He introduces his readers to the conceptual four most common forms of excusitis (disease of having an excuse for a certain attribute). According to Schwartz, the four most common forms of excusitis are as follows:

1. Health Excusitis

2. Intelligence Excusitis

3. Age Excusitis

4. Luck Excusitis

I’m going to discuss Health Excusitis because I thought that section contained some pretty interesting quotes and points to consider.

A young man was speaking to Dr. Schwartz about a potential health problem he had, and as a result the young man thought he could not be successful due to his health issue. Dr. Schwartz went on give his recommendations of what the young man should do. In his third recommendation he related a story about a friend of his – a lawyer who had an arrested case of tuberculosis. “This friend knew he would have to live a regulated life but this hasn’t stopped him from practicing law, rearing a fine family, and really enjoying life. My friend who is now 78 years old, expresses his philosophy in these words: “I’m going to live until I die and I’m not going to get life and death confused. While I’m on this earth I’m going to live. Why be only half alive? Every minute a person spends worrying about dying is just one minute that fellow might as well have been dead.”

I thought this was a pretty cool excerpt from the book and I wanted to share it. I know I’ve made a TON of excuses why I did not start this blog sooner. I’ve also made a lot of excuses pertaining to why my wife and I haven’t done a real estate deal.

I’ve obviously started the blog and now I need to rectify not having done a real estate deal. We are going to speak with a homeowner this weekend. This person was referred to us from a person we met at a networking meeting (networking works!). I’ve also started mailing out postcards again.

Stop making excuses and make it a great day!

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