Goals for the Remainder of 2008

Posted by 13 July, 2008

I’m trying to get better at making goals and then planning a path to reach those goals. You have to have a map to know where you are going, right? Here are my goals for the remainder of 2008:

1. Tell my wife I love her every day.

2. Fully fund our IRA’s.

+ With contributions and “other” income from my wife’s pay raise and our dividend income, we should actually meet this one early. $5,000 is the contribution limit this year so I’m excited to be fully investing in our IRA’s when we happen to have such a high contribution limit this year.

3. Read 1 book per month.

+ So far, I’ve read Your Money or Your Life, Getting a Life, The Bitch in the House, Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor, Fix’em Up, Rent’em Out. At the moment, I’m reading Buy It, Fix It, Sell It, and The Magic of Thinking BIG. I’ve only read 5 books this year so I’m a little behind. Can you guess how many books I’ve read since I’ve graduated from college? A big fat zero. I’m pretty happy I’ve been able to be consistent with this.

4. Keep posting consistently on this blog through the end of the year.

5. Pay off the car and two smaller student loans by the end of the year.

+ This amount is around $12,000. The money will come from the sale of a house we have. We currently have a contract on the house. Once the sale of the secondary house goes through, we’ll be able to pay off these loans that will save us about $660 per year. $290 of the $660 currently goes towards a car payment. That $290 will go into a car fund once the car note is paid off. We will need another car in the near future and it is our goal to be able to pay cash for the vehicle.

6. Put $10,000 more into our Zecco account by the end of the year.

+ This goal is a bit of a stretch to be honest, but I wanted to add a goal or two that would be difficult to reach. This goal is dependent upon maxing out our contributions to our IRA’s (note we are already matching our employer’s in our 401k’s).

7. Complete a half marathon by the end of the year.

+ My wife and I just got back from a family funeral so I think I will dedicate this goal to two loved ones we have lost this year. I think it’ll be a nice gesture for the immediate family and it’ll give me the extra boost to fulfill this goal. (Note I just completed my first 5K without walking so I’m not starting from ground zero, but I do have a lot of work to do.)

8. Purchase an investment property.

+ We were hoping to pick up two investment properties by the end of the year, but I think it would be wise to concentrate on one until we get a little more comfortable.

9. Complete a real estate transaction through our direct marketing.

+ We’ve had some success in the past, but we were not able to pay “cash” so we were not able to complete the transaction. I’m concentrating on a smaller “farm area” in order to make it manageable and to not feel overwhelmed. At the moment, we are distributing door hangers and sending letters and postcards to people in probate (note: I’ll share examples of our direct marketing in the future as well as how to sift through probate records).

10. Market to 50 probate records per month.

+ I intend to send out 2 post cards and 2 letters within a month’s time to each estate. I will concentrate on a different set of 50 each month. I set the limit to 50 to make it manageable as stated in goal number 9.

11. Starting in July, distribute door hangers once per month.

+ I have yet to do this, so I really need to get on this to make sure I achieve this goal.

12. Have a party by the end of the year.

+ I’m trying to be more social and we’ve really been wanting to make use of our pool before we move.

13. This is not a SMART(specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goal, but I want to make sure I hang out with Jason, Matt, Charlie, Jesse and Howard.

+ I’m trying to surround myself with good, positive people. As my available time decreases, I want to make sure I maximize it by spending it with good people.

14. Join the Free Mason organization.

What do you think of my goals? What are your some of your goals?


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September 15, 2008

let’s see… thanks for asking!

My goals for the rest of the year:
*make my living as a photographer… I took the dramatic step of quitting my day job, now I just gotta find the photo jobs!

*get published in a few magazines and blogs

*have more fun!

*work out daily!

Posted by Sheila Bocchine
September 15, 2008

Hey Sheila,

Thanks for commenting. Wow, quitting your job is a dramatic step. Very exciting though! What sort of photography do you do? Let me know if I can help!

Posted by admin
September 16, 2008

become a more compassionate person and fill my days with a better understanding of those who surround me

i want to study yoga in India and enjoy every second of my time there

i want to make 300,000$ next year

i want to make my business ventures a reality and worth lots of money

i would like to own a place instead of rent one so that i may find a playmate for my doggie

i want to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and enjoy every second, sort of a Be Here Now mentality I have lost

i am a photographer and I would like to continue taking great photos for others!

with abundance!

Posted by photochicki
September 16, 2008

Hello Photo!

Thanks for the input. $300K next year. That sounds good to me!

I like how you focus on enjoying every second in your goals. It’s easy to get caught up in events and “obligations” and forget what life is all about, being happy and enjoying every second!

Posted by HIB
September 18, 2008

Your goals are as good as mine 🙂

Posted by Remkus
September 18, 2008

Thanks for sharing your goals.

My goals now are slightly more unmeasurable. It is about becoming more aligned spiritually, learning to trust my intuition and being able to write posts that can impact and touch other people’s lives.

Posted by Evelyn Lim
September 26, 2008

My goals for remainder of 2008:

1. Finish my racecar: My dream and my passion is to be a professional drag racer, but I’ve been sidelined for 2 years because of lack of budget and lack of available labor. I’ve enlisted in a 2nd job to get the car moving… FINALLY.

2. Build my blog reader base. Right now, I have a steady readership, but not a lot of interaction.

3. Start training for a triathalon. I’ve always been athletic, but my lack of activities over the past year have affected my overall mood. I’ve never attempted a tri, so I intend to start training slowly this year so I don’t burn myself out too early.

4. Actively seek sponsors for my racecar. I know how, I know the value, but I can never get the nerve up to approach people. Time to kick it in gear and act like a PROFESSIONAL.

Posted by Erica
September 28, 2008

Happiness; thanks the following and your offer of help. I will need business ideas and suggestions will get back with ya

Posted by Tony
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