Month 3 of The Your Money or Your Life Program

Posted by 16 July, 2008

Hello! It’s me again. Yes, we are actually keeping up with stuff and I have the one person that reads my blog to thank. So, lucky person whoever you are, THANK YOU for keeping me straight. It would be very easy to go to bed right now, but that one person is keeping me up. The one glaring detail that you will notice is that we PAID a butt load in taxes. Fortunately we saved for this being that my wife was a contractor for part of 2007, but it is never fun paying that much to anyone except myself :).

Groceries $568.22
Eating Out $129.52
Gas $514.24
House $69.40
WP $222.35
CC $257.02
Houston House $394.29
Disability/Life Insurance $135.93
Home/Car Insurance $384.15
Mortgage $1,087.19
Student Loans $334.51
Utilities $566.07
Cable/Internet $79.88
Car $496.30
Entertainment $203.58
Clothes $182.09
Work $78.29
Dogs $114.52
Charity $20.00
Taxes $3,609.00
Pharmacy $65.99
Gifts $42.15
Total $9,554.69
Total without Taxes $5,945.69

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