Cool Links for Week of July 28th

Posted by 27 July, 2008
This website is trying to take the hassle out of selling things. If you are not a powerseller on ebay, it’s a bit labor intensive to sell things (or I’m just lazy). Either way, this website is trying to make it a bit easier and it appears you can do it all from your handy cell phone.
Are being a bad networker and you lost your business cards or forget your cards? Well, you can text this website with the person’s e-mail and it sends them all of your info. Sounds pretty cool to me! I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my cards. Sign me up!
Although the website will not pull up for me, this website sounds promising. It’s a website that with Google Maps, allows you to see coupons, sales, etc in your area. It sounds a lot better than driving around looking for the best price on item X.
It’s a website by Google, need I say more? This is very similar to Wikipedia, but you can get paid based on the ad revenue your Knol brings in. Watch out Wikipedia!
You just need to check it out. It’s a pretty hilarious website.


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