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Posted by 27 July, 2008

I need to think about service instead of keeping my eye on the green. If someone expects that I will give them a certain level of service, I need to perform to that level and beyond. My efforts should be focused on doing a thorough job and keeping my customer happy in whatever I do. I will tell you that it is pretty difficult to do so especially with my intense focus on finances particularly relating to paying off debt and accumulating savings. It’s especially difficult when I have several financial goals that I am trying to meet. I’ve always had a fascination with money.

So with all of these financial pressures and focus on paying debt down and accumulating savings, how does one focus on service? I see Google as a good example. The Google focus on service is number one and the way I see it, if that mantra can work for a small unknown like Google (ha!), then it can work for me too. If you agree, it may be worth your time to look at “Ten Things that Google has Found to be True“.

I think Brian Kim posted a very nice article on the problem with chasing money.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

“By chasing money, you tend to become so focused on the external means of doing so that you activate an unnatural process because you constantly focus outside yourself, which prevents you from focusing internally on how best you can serve. All the avenues that people pursue to chase the almighty dollar have the hidden flaw of taking you out of the equation. By constantly focusing on finding a “vehicle” outside yourself to make money, it stops you from asking the right questions to put the focus back on you because that’s the correct solid foundation you want to work off of. Questions such as: What am I good at? Where do my strengths, interests, and talents lie? How can I best use these to serve others? You have to factor YOU into the equation.

Here’s a link to his article. That sounds pretty convincing to me.

In the end I have two businesses that I am operating or trying to operate. My take on “service first and the money will follow” is that my real estate investing business and this blog are based on referrals and my ability to either help homeowners in their situation or produce quality content with this blog, respectively. Real estate investing is a referral business and if I go out of my way to help someone protect their most valuable asset, do you think they will remember that good deed and, for that matter, me? I would hope so! The same could be said for my blog. I hope that by posting my progress to financial independence, I can inspire others to achieve the same goal. If I can help someone be a success then that will make me a success or at the very least make me feel good about my contribution to society.


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