Cool Links for Week of August 18th

Posted by 18 August, 2008
This website will help find out the current trends as well as what might be popular in the future. It’s a great website to check out. It’s also a great idea for a business model because once you have the frame work, your users do all of your work. Brilliant!
As the name would have you believe, this website helps you identify trends. I’ve looked through the website and I found it pretty interesting.
This website is past it’s height of popularity, but it’s still worth a look. People have posted various ideas they’ve had for products, websites, and various other businesses.
This website or tool is a little creepy. It’s face swapping software that finds faces in a photograph and swaps the features in the target face from a library of faces.
With gas going through the roof, this website is worth a look. It was put together by billionaire Boone Pickens. He proposes using wind energy to put a lot of US homes that is usually fueled by natural gas. We would then take that natural gas and use that to fuel our cars. Sound like a reasonable plan although it will help out his pocket book. However, it’s better for him to be making lots of money off of us than sending the money out of the country.
Cool Blog Posts From Around the Web
The Perfect Dividend Stock – This looks like a solid list of stocks. I own GE, GO GE!
How to Create Your Own Online Store – I may be looking into this after I get a few of my projects out of the way, namely our real estate investing website.
Building a financial safety net in case you fall – This is basically the advice I got from our financial advisor when I got out of school besides the life insurance portion (I have adjustable variable life insurance).
Why You Can’t Trust Real Estate Agents When Buying A House – Awesome post! I’ve spoken to quite a few home owners that unfortunately were put into a home that had no business buying in the first place. Some of the blame should be on the homeowner for not doing their due diligence, but being the professional, the real estate agent should have swayed them from purchasing the property at the agreed price. There are many great agents out there, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK NO MATTER WHAT! If you are THINKING of buying a house, read this post!
My Friend Just got Offered 290K to Work in Iraq – Would You? – Great post and great title for a post! It made me really want to read it.


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August 18, 2008

Thanks for the link love and indeed a good list!

Posted by hank
August 23, 2008

I’m really glad you liked that post!

290k to work in Iraq? I don’t think so!


Posted by Four Pillars
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