Cool Links for Week of September 8th

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One Number That Has the Power to Change Your Life by Billionaire Woman This is an interesting post that basically states, life is what you make of it. Stop making excuses. You are only too old if you want to be too old. Here is a great excerpt from her article:

Morjorie Newlin: An 86 year old weight lifter champion. This woman started with weight lifting when she was 72, after she realized that she couldn’t lift cat food bags anymore. She was never particularly athletic, so when she started going to the gym and lifting weights, it took her family by surprise. She competes in many weight lifting championships all over the world, against women half her age, and she wins!

Power of Focused Attention by Think Simple Now This is a great post for me at the moment. I feel like I am juggling quite a bit so I will definitely be using some of the tips in this post. My favorite part is this excerpt:

Q: If I focus completely on one goal, how will I have time and energy for other areas of my life?

A: I’m a fan of dividing up major life areas and having one major goal for each of these areas to focus on. More than one goal in each area will usually result in disaster. My personal major life areas are: Business, Relationships, Spirituality, Physical Health, and Personal Growth. Create time for each major area. I’m still working on integrating all five areas into my daily life, which has been a challenge. As part of my integration, at the start of each week, I would select two areas I want to focus on this week. For example, focus on my major goals in Business and Relationships, or Physical Health and Personal Growth.

Surround Yourself with Excellence by Fox I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I’ve been trying to surround myself with people I aspire to be like whether it is people who are really physically fit or people who kick butt in Real Estate Investing.

Procrasti (I’ll Finish the Word Later) by Rob Moshe This post really hits home. Do you have a bunch of mental clutter? I know I do. Check out this post to gain some guidance on what you can do to “clean the closet”.

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September 15, 2008

Thank you so much for the mention. I really enjoyed writing the “excellence” post. 🙂

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