6.1 Key Steps to Success

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1. Believe in Yourself

You have to believe in yourself and your ability to be successful. If you don’t believe in yourself, you are going to have a difficult time visualizing being successful. If you don’t believe in yourself, how is anyone supposed to believe in you? If you don’t believe in yourself, I think you are going to have a difficult time convincing a bank to support your business. Believe in yourself! Visualize your success!

2. Set Goals

Setting goals is like creating a map. If you don’t have a map, how do you know where you are going? You need to set yearly goals as well as 5 year, 10 year, and life goals. It’s great to have lofty goals, but you also have to be practical and allow yourself some successes. I know I’ve had a big problem with lofty goals and then being discouraged when none of my goals were being met. For instance, for 2008 I’ve set 14 goals for the rest of this year. [Goals for the Remainder of 2008] Most of the goals have to do with being consistent. In my opinion, consistency is one of the biggest differences between people that are successful and those who are not. Successful people set goals and work consistently toward them. What sort of goals are you going to set? Ideally, goals should make you feel good once they are accomplished. If they aren’t going to make you feel good, chances are you are less likely to complete them. One idea I read about on Millionaire Mommy Next Door is the concept of a Treasure Map. The idea is to put together a collage of things that make you happy. You should put the “Treasure Map” in a place where you’ll see it often. This is a great reminder to stay focused on your goals so you will one day be able to reap the rewards of your hard work.

3. Develop a System

Make things easy for yourself. You don’t want to be like the guy in the picture below who is struggling. You more than likely already have many struggles in life so don’t add to them! You have to develop a system and you need to stick with it. It needs to be manageable. Remember, it’s important to have some early successes otherwise it’s easy to get discouraged. Also keep your system simple. If your system is complex, it’s going to be much easier for you to want to give up and quit.


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4. Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are lame. Don’t be lame! People who are successful don’t make excuses. People who are successful define goals, put together a plan to achieve those goals, and they go do it and keep after it until they reach their goal. Remember, take the time to exert effort toward achieving your goals, and stop thinking of all of the reasons why you shouldn’t do something. As Dr. Schwartz would say in “The Magic of Thinking Big”, excuses are something “small thinkers” talk about. Don’t you want to be a “BIG THINKER”?

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Keeping yourself accountable is pretty difficult. One of my major tools for keeping myself accountable is that I consistently post to my blog. I post twice a week on the same days at the same times. There are a few reasons why I blog, but one of them is that I post my goals on my blog. I don’t have a ton of readers, but the few I do have keep me accountable. I don’t want to have to post an article about how I did not achieve my goals. I would feel badly that I not only let myself down, but I let my readers down. I think it’s easier to deal with disappointing yourself than it is to disappoint others. Some other ways that you can keep yourself accountable to your goals is to ask that your friends and family to keep you in check. You can also search for a Meetup.com group that has members with similar goals. My last suggestion is to find people with similar goals and form a “master mind” group.

6. Tackle the Goals for Early Success

I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve achieved some goals early on. To be honest, most of my goals were geared towards being consistent and keeping to a schedule. As goofy as that may seem, I think inconsistency has been one of the reasons I have not achieved the success I want. For instance, if I post two quality articles per week to my blog, I have no doubt my blog will become more popular. In a different area of my life, I will undoubtedly be able to run a half marathon if I run a few times per week and slowly increase my stamina and distance. It’s really all about being happy. For me, reaching my goals, as easy as they may seem, will not only make me happy, but will give me a sense of accomplishment.

6.1 Create Your Own Luck

A lot of people claim that people are successful because of luck. I don’t buy it and they shouldn’t be selling it. People create their own luck and their own opportunities. I have some friends that are real estate investors that are receiving SERIOUS money by leasing their mineral rights to gas drilling companies. Sure, they are very fortunate that they happen to own the mineral rights to many properties, but they created this luck. They spent a lot of time researching, buying, fixing, and renting the properties. They are certainly reaping the rewards they may or may not have anticipated, but their hard work helped create this luck. Note that I only gave luck one tenth of six bullets!


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September 16, 2008

Thanks for this excellent post. Each one of your points is valid and represents a powerful step toward achieving success. The only step I’d be inclined to add would by “define your success” – success means different things to different people, we each need to know what success means to us (give it a definition, write it down) before we can set out achieving it … otherwise, how will we know when we get there!

Posted by Doug
September 16, 2008


Great input! You are correct. I should have defined success. I have to remember that people can’t read my mind 🙂

Posted by HIB
September 17, 2008


Keep it up.

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