Month 4 of the Your Money or Your Life Program

Posted by 18 September, 2008

I’ve been slacking off on updating our spending. This is our spending for July and I will get August out shortly. We’ve been trying to set everything up via Microsoft Money, but we need to spend more time with it. I do want to note that it was pretty easy to set up all of our accounts through Microsoft Money. I just need to go through and finish assigning a category to money spent.

As you can see below, we spent a LOT of money this month. In case you missed it, we helped a family member sell a house and we received a portion of proceeds since we had been paying for upkeep, etc. I must say that with the recent hurricane in Houston, I am GLAD that we sold that house with it being in Northwest Houston. The house was also within a 1/4 of a mile from a bayou. Not good! We took the proceeds and applied it towards 2 student loans and our car. We are now left with one student loan at 3.5% interest and our mortgage. I do not intend to pay off the student loan early. 3.5% is as much as I can get in a CD and I can get more or a return than that in the market. You can read more about that in a previous post, Getting Closer to Being Debt Free.

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Groceries – $596.87
Eating Out – $316.01
Gas – $428.43
House – $38.00
Pool – $30.28
WP – $349.33
CC – $135.47
Houston House – $281.64
Disability/Life Insurance – $135.73
Home/Car Insurance – $342.97
Mortgage – $1,087.18
Student Loans – $9,253.88
Utilities – $414.42
Cell Phones – $114.66
Cable/Internet – $157.69
Car – $2,251.46
Entertainment – $206.71
Clothes – $85.86
Work – $156.34
Beauty – $60.00
Gym – $64.92
Pharmacy – $68.99
Gifts – $128.00
Total – $16,704.84


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