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Wow, where has the time gone. September is quickly coming to a close. If you find a cool link that you would like me to consider for this weekly feature, please send me an e-mail at happinessisbetter [at]

Cool Blog Posts

For Entrepreneurs with Nothing, Here’s the Ultimate Strategy! by Soul Shelter This is an interesting perspective on anyone who has any inclination to be an entrepreneur.

I Got My Groove Back! by Green Stew I’ve seen a few people who are really good at saving money, but this person may take the cake. If you are interested in saving money on your groceries, take a look at this blog. My only question is, could I save that sort of money buying items from say, Kashi?

3 Reasons to Reject the Cult of Celebrity by Success Soul The author makes a lot of great points about how celebrities have not been good for society. That leads me to the question, what good have celebrities done for society? The author directs most of the points towards Hollywood celebrities, but I know a lot of the sports celebrities put together functions to raise money for a charities. Maybe because I’m not in Hollywood, I don’t hear about all of the great things that the celebrities do out there.

The Alternatives to 9 to 5 by Shark Investor If you are interested in alternative income, you may want to take a look at this post. I think some people are very quick to state that they want to leave their job ASAP. The fact of the matter that it’s a gradual process from 9 to 5 to some other form of income. You need to gradually build your side business(es).

Please check out the 171st Carnival of Personal Finance. One of my articles was posted there.


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September 24, 2008

A friend of mine who retired a while ago once said to me, “When you get older you will realized that less is more.” – I agree with him. And I think you’ll be fine without the iPhone. Especially since you have such an understanding “gift-giver” in your family. That should make you feel really good.

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