I Conquered THE iPHONE

Posted by 22 September, 2008

Technically, I didn’t conquer it, but I’m very happy about my decision to sell it. I received an iPhone as a gift. It was a VERY generous gift. In my eyes, this gift is on par with the likes of a car or the original Nintendo DS. I love gadgets and anything technology related.


Photo by Miss Karen

Because I it was a gift, it was a difficult decision to sell it. What’s more, it was a gift from family. I certainly appreciated it and I did not want to convey any lack of appreciation for their gift. My birthday was in mid May, it took until mid September for me to sell it. It wasn’t for lack of a buyer. It took me that long to muster up the courage to ask permission from the family member to sell it. What’s really goofy about the situation is that this person is probably one of my more understanding family members.

So, why would I ever want to sell my iPhone to begin with?

Well, there are a few reasons (and I hope it was a correct decision). Reason number one: the cost of the data package. Granted, the iPhone data package is not a big expense, but for me at least, it’s more of a mind set. If I get the data package, I’m sure there’s another option that’s only $10 more than that, etc. My wife and I are really trying to drive down our monthly expenditures. We just paid off 3 student loans and a car. We will be moving in the spring to a less expensive home to save on money in that area. We’re driving down our expenses for a number of reasons.

The number one priority for us is planning for a kiddo and we’d like to have the option of my wife staying at home for a little while. She may or may not stay at home, but we want to at least have the option. Another reason for driving down our expenses is that we would like to save more. We’d like to save more not only for our retirement, but some of that money will also be seed money for companies we are starting.

My second reason for selling the iPhone is to keep my life simple. With an iPhone, I know I would be on the Internet more than I already am (which is already quite a bit). I am also trying to have less stuff and I’m sure there are a lot of cool peripherals I could get for the iPhone, only to add more clutter to my already overly complicated life.

Did I make the right decision? Please tell me I did :).


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September 22, 2008

I can tell you that you have been very brave. Honestly I can’t tell what I would do in your case, I have never owned an iPhone.

(oh, I’d keep it 🙂 I know myself too well)

But if you hat found out that it did not help you, then that iphone was nothing but clutter to you. So well done.

Posted by Miguel de Luis
September 22, 2008

This is maybe the most useless and silly comment I have ever read about an iPhone sale. Jesus, just go out and make some money, will you. The datahahaha package too expensive. WTF, I don’t believe that I am wasting my time to even write here…

Posted by Mili
September 22, 2008

it’s your decision to make.. not anyone else’s… however i do have to disagree with one thing.

i live on the computer and email. since getting my iphone in july i spend less time at my computer having to constantly check emails and whatnot. i can now check my phone every once in a while, decide if i need to deal with the email and if not, i get back to being a normal person away from my computer 24-7.

Posted by Kerrie
September 22, 2008

I’m sure you did make the right decision, wish i could say the same…I just bought another car this weekend, that’s us back up to 3 again.

But this one is a classic car, almost, it’s a 1986 honda accord, it was just is such good condition that I had to buy it. I have full intentions of selling our old beat up ford and will be using this car to drive to work in while marie takes the slightly newer honda to drive the newborn baby around in:)

So as long as i do sell the 3rd car, I’m not a redneck right?!

Posted by Sandy
September 22, 2008

Cheers! I love mine, but to each is own. Is it possible to sell one by itself? Cool.

Posted by Matthew Cornell
September 22, 2008

Impressive. I think you did good. 🙂 I am keeping myself restrained from buying one.

September 22, 2008

Sold your iphone? I don’t have one but many of my friends are addicted to theirs. Still, it is your decision to make if you feel that you do not really need one. To each his own.

Posted by Evelyn Lim
September 24, 2008

The cost of the data plan is holding me back, too. While it certainly was a generous gift, it is a bit strange to me to give something that is going to cost you so much more in the long run.

Posted by See My Money
September 25, 2008

Ya done good. In fact, sell it all!

Go solar, get a composting toilet, go live in a van down by the river, and raise the baby on goat’s milk! 😉

Posted by Jim
December 27, 2008

Sounds to me like you made the exact right decisions for the exact right reasons. Thanks for sharing your thought process with us!

Posted by Kristen King
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