Cool Links for Week of October 6th

Posted by 6 October, 2008

Dog 678

This week’s Cool Links is dedicated to our super cool dog, the former Lady Charles (isn’t she cute?). The picture above is Lady at her best.

I’m going to participate in the 10 Day Give. It’s basically a way for me to “Pay it Forward”.

The Art of Getting Off Your Ass by Lyved – I think a lack of success can be summed up in a quote from this article, “you are your greatest enemy”.

Self-Employment: One Selfish Way to Financial Independence by Billionaire Woman – I love reading anything about financial independence. There are a few topics that really get be going and this is one of them. Nathalie gives great incite on self-employment.

When the Dollar Shrinks by Tapan – Very interesting article. Will the shrinking Dollar make the U.S. less competitive?

Eight Tips for How Money Can Buy You Happiness by The Happiness Project – My favorite quote from the article:

The hedonic treadmill means that buying STUFF isnโ€™t very satisfying, but there are ways to spend money that are likely to help give you enduring happiness.

I was fortunate enough to have articles posted at two Carnivals and another blog, Gather Little by Little. Check them out!

My Guest Post at Gather Little by Little: Real Estate Investing 101

Article at:

Rich Life Carnival #13

Carnival of Personal Finance #173


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October 6, 2008

Aww, your dog is so adorable!

Thanks for the link love. I discovered quite a few new cool sites today, thanks to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

October 6, 2008

Thanks so much for the cool links to my blog. TD

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