Cool Links for Week of October 20th

Posted by 20 October, 2008


Financial Meltdown Explained by – Interesting article on the meltdown.

A Solution that Works by Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans – This article comes from a major lender in the mortgage mess so perhaps this is an angle our government should look at.

Overcoming Procrastination Instantly Using Self Talk by Luciano – I’m a huge procrastinator and that is something I battle with everyday. I like reading articles similar to this because I’m hoping my brain will divert itself from my procrastination habit.

The New Age of Frugality by Businessweek – This is an interesting article. If nothing else, the title of the article was enough for me to take a look.

A Case Study Book put together by Seth Godin – This is an e-book written by many people that have written on the context of Tribes (the topic and title of Seth Godin’s newly released publication).


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