Cool Links for Week of November 10th

Posted by 10 November, 2008


Celebrity Cash Crunch by Brian Cuban at – I’ve heard about how a lot of actors and athletes mismanage their money, but Brian Cuban states “I’ve seen estimates projecting that 50 percent of all NBA athletes live paycheck to paycheck—this in a sport where the minimum salary is currently $442,000 for a rookie—and that over 60 percent of NBA athletes are broke within five years of retirement.”.

10 Keys to Happiness by Bob Holmes, Kurt Kleiner, Kate Douglas, Michael Bond at Reader’s Digest – The name of my blog is Happiness Is Better so I’m always on the look out for happiness related articles. This is a pretty solid article and well worth the read.

Economy Got You In The Dumps? Get a Life Coach With Noomi by Jason Kincaid at Techcrunch – “The site aims to help friends pair up and life coach each other in an effort to set and achieve their goals more effectively than they would on their own.

Innovation: How the Creative Stay Creative by Leigh Buchanan at Inc. MagazineGet Multicultural, Provide Lots of Free Time to Think, Encourage Risky Behavior (this should be termed Encourage Out of Comfort Zone Activities i.e. Skydiving), Write it Down, Hire Smart, Bring in Outsiders, Be Flexible. Very Flexible, Do it for Free, Mix Up Your People. The author goes into detail with each of these headings. This is a great read!

Common Money Mistakes by Tejvan Pettinger at Pick the brain – Lots of great things to think about in regards to money.

I recently had an article published in the Carnival of Personal Finance #177 and the Carnival of Debt Reduction #165, Festival of Frugality, Money Hacks Carnival #38

Books I am currently reading or just finished reading:

Made to Stick

All Marketer’s are Liars

The How of Happiness

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers


Letting Go of Your Bananas

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