Cool Links for Week of November 17th

Posted by 17 November, 2008


America’s Debt to Income Ratio as Compared with Other Countries by the Credit Loan Blog – Great post! The U.S. economy is not awesome right now, but there are other countries in a more severe situation as seen in this post.

200+ Passive Income Resources, Tips & Home Business Ideas by Work From Home Business Blog – Lots of great resources here. There are quite a few resources I haven’t previously seen so this one’s a keeper for anyone interested in passive income.

Is GM Worth Saving? by Bill Saporito at – This is an interesting article. It’s not a typical “Cool Link”, but certainly interesting to think about.

Top Tips for a Frugal Turkey Day by Karen Datko at MSN Money – Lots of great tips and other useful links.

Four Strategies Popular in the Rat Race for Financial Freedom by Jeff at My Supercharged Life – A great post about retirement planning. It’s interesting that it can be broken down into four sections. Certainly a great read for anyone whether retirement is coming quickly or if you have a few years to plan.

Small and Nuclear by Chris Taylor at the Future Boy Blog on CNN – A small nuclear reactor that can fit on the back of a pickup and power 10,000 homes?

Generating Electricity from a Balloon by Todd Woody at the Green Wombat Blog on CNN – This is an interesting spin on a conventional solar power plant.

10 Simple Ways to Feel Rich Without Materialistic Means by Cap at Stop Buying Crap – Great article and lots of great photos as well.

Also, be sure to check out these Carnivals!

Rich Life Carnival #19

3rd Blogiversary Celebration – Coming November 23rd

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