Cool Links for Week of December 22nd

Posted by 21 December, 2008


12 for 12K by Danny Brown – This is a great cause. He has set the ambitious goal of getting 1200 people to donate $10 per month. Each month the $12,000 will go to one of twelve charities over the course of 12 months.

Self-Aware Daydreamers More Creative, Study Shows by Gina Trapani – This posts points out that there are two types of daydreaming. The first type of daydreaming is only noticed when others point it out by someone else and the second type is when you catch yourself daydreaming.

Yes, You Can Achieve Financial Independence by J.D Roth – A lot of great advice for anyone interested in seeking financial independence.

Home Business Idea: Virtual Assistant by Workshak – This is yet another option for extra income or for those of us that are seeking employment while at home.

What Makes Americans Happy and What Do We Fear Most? by Yes, I Can’t See You – A nice survey from Precise Opinion Inc. that shows just how happy Americans are these days.

Sales Training 101 by Derek – Within this article, he has a nice 5 step training workshop that everyone could use.

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