Cool Links for Week of December 29th

Posted by 29 December, 2008


50 hot ways to turn your PC or Mac into a cash machine by – There are a lot of ideas here for someone to run with!

3 Reasons to Skip Store Credit Cards by Kate Ashford – Good tips to remember when the cashier asks you if you’d like to save 10% if you sign up for their credit card.

Feng Shui: What’s Your View? by Gretchen Rubin – I know the general concept behind Feng Shui, but I don’t know a whole lot past that. I thought this was a good read. What’s your view on Feng Shui?

Don’t Build a Tanker Ship for a Pond by Mike Michalowicz – This is a great article for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

Why Real Estate Made Me a Millionaire and Investing in Stocks Did Not by – This is a great article and shows how persistence and determination can help you reach your goals using real estate as a vehicle.

Five Best Sites for Finding Deals by Adam Pash – The only website out of the five that I had heard of is pricegrabber so this is definitely a helpful post.

Rich Countries Carry Out 21st Century Land Grab by Debora McKenzie – You don’t have any more land to grow crops? Go buy or lease land in a poor country!

A Guide to Making Passive Income by – This guide has some good resources for anyone interested in passive income.

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