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Posted by 5 January, 2009


Last Thursday I did a blog post going over my goals and my self-assessment. It’s 2009 and I’m excited about all of the great things going on this year. Let’s take a look at my goals for this year. I’d love to hear about your goals for 2009!

1. Run a marathon this year – I had the goal of finishing a half-marathon last year and that did not quite happen, but we are signed up and training for a half-marathon that we will run February 28th.

2. Complete a sprint triathlon event – I’ve never done any sort of triathlon event so this could get very interesting. I can swim, but I would not consider myself to be a strong swimmer. I have a lot of difficulty with my breathing technique.

3. Earn $10,000 through entrepreneurial endeavors – I am defining this income as income through a side business. As of now, those three avenues could be through real estate transactions, ad revenue through my blog, or through Forex trading. I am not limiting what avenues I can or will make money in, but I suspect that most of it will come from those three vehicles.

4. Earn $1,000 in monthly cash flow by the end of the year – I would rank this as the most difficult or second most difficult goal. I anticipate this cash flow to come from rental properties. At $1,000 in monthly cash flow, that would require us to acquire four properties which would be quite a bit for beginners.

5. Limit checking personal and blog related e-mail to 3 times per day – I am constantly checking my e-mail. I feel I spend a lot more time on there than I probably should.

6. Start a pot luck dinner group – I’m pretty excited about starting this group. My wife and I both would like to be more social and we think this would help us to accomplish this.

7. Read 25 book this year – I ended up finishing 11 books last year and I’d really like to step that up in a big way this year so I doubled my goal.

8. Save $15,000 for this year – I think this is very doable. This includes maxing out our Roth IRA’s at $2,000 per account.

9. Continue posting 3 times per week – I currently write two articles and a “Cool Links” feature that highlights great stories from around the web. I was able to sustain that for more than 6 months so I have no doubt I’ll be able to continue that through 2009.

10. Join the Toastmasters – I have always been afraid of public speaking. My stomach gets into knots and I get extremely nervous. I want to face my fear and conquer it.

11. Be more social – I like to be around people, but I feel like I don’t socialize as much as I should.

12. Have a party this year – We did not get around to having a party so we will definitely make that a priority this year.

13. Learn how to cook and be more conscious about our eating habits – I have my standard lasagna dish, but outside of that, I don’t really have any dishes that I cook on a regular basis. I’d like to broaden my horizon as well as put an emphasis on a healthier diet.

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January 5, 2009

Good luck on those goals. I am a completely self taught cook. I could make mac and cheese with great difficulty when I started. I made the commitment to cook one meal a week. That’s it. That’s all I could handle. As I practiced and found new recipes I felt I could handle I got better and better. I started cooking other nights of the week because I WANTED to. Now I consider myself a pretty decent cook.

January 5, 2009

My happiness tip for you: Run the marathon in a banana costume and pick out a charity that you want to raise money for. It will make the event way more fun and keep you motivated on those long runs.

Follow this guide below to happiness.


Good Luck!

Posted by Ethan Austin
January 5, 2009

I ran the 07 NYC marathon and it was an amazing experience! Good luck on your running. Great goals.

Posted by FFB
January 6, 2009

Good luck with your goals! I am not quite as ambitious, but I already run marathons and cooking has been my passion for a long time. Also, a healthy life style to me means consuming good food and drink which may not always be the healthiest choice. Everything in moderation is okay though.

Posted by vilkri
January 6, 2009

Great goals! It is fantastic to see someone charting a clear course for their life. I wish you the best in accomplishing all that you’ve set out to do!

January 7, 2009

Great goals HIB! Only comment I’d have is to put some real dates on them and space them out through the year instead of leaving them all as due by end of 2009! Puts some focus to them that way.

Posted by Mike King
January 7, 2009

@ Ashley – Thanks for the comment. I certainly hope I can “up” my cooking skills.

@ Ethan – Great idea. A banana costume sounds like fun. I will certainly keep that in mind!

@ FFB – Wow, the NYC marathon. We were thinking of running in the San Francisco marathon, but I’ll be honest, those hills scare me (we are in a really flat part of TX).

@ Vilkri – That’s pretty awesome that you’ve run a few marathons. I hope I can finish!

@ Jeff – Thank you very much for the encouragement!

@ Mike – That’s a great idea. I should put dates on the goals. Perhaps I’ll include that in a follow up quarterly post.

Posted by admin
January 8, 2009

I love your goals, HIB! There are so many I can relate to! I, too, have a goal to run more (I’m not quite ready for that marathon, though). And I will tell you – competing in a triathlon is one of the best things I’ve ever done – it really gave me a lot of confidence in myself and what I could do (and…it’s the swim for me, too, that’s the killer!). Toastmasters is an awesome organization – I am a past member – not in now only because of a lack of time for making it happen.

I think it’s great that you’ve publicly listed your goals here – what a great way to get them out there!

Posted by Lance
January 10, 2009


Thank you so much for the support! Meeting people like you will give me the boost I need to ensure I complete my goals. Thanks for the comment!

Posted by HIB
January 12, 2009

My good wishes are with. Hopefully you will achieve all of your goals. M bit stupid, as I don’t make goals. Sounds strange but if I am making then I am not able to fulfill that and then depressed.

Posted by Point of Sale
January 30, 2009

I liked it. Thanks for posting it. Massimo dau http://bizblogged.com/

Posted by massimo mario dau
February 1, 2009

@ Point of Sale – I completely understand. I think that’s why more than half of my goals are very doable. I’m trying to set myself up for success. Thanks for the comment!

@ Massimo – Thanks for the comment. Nice blog!

admin’s last blog post..Book Review: The How of Happiness

Posted by admin
February 12, 2011

You gotta have goals…or else soccer matches would be even longer.

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