Cool Links for Week of January 12th

Posted by 12 January, 2009


Woohoo! Post #100!

Leadership: Introduction by Mike King – This is a great series that Mike has put together. This Leadership Series is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in improving their skills in leadership. The first two have been released. Here is his RSS feed to keep up with these stories as they are posted.

Understanding What It Is
Know Yourself and Your Capabilities
Skill Development
Remember, It’s About People
Willingness to Take Risks
Accepting Mistakes
Give Direction

Success Factors by Derek – This is a really neat series about how people and companies achieve success. He is posting a few article every day in January. Here is his RSS feed so you can keep up with the articles as they are released. This is a sample of the articles he’s written so far:

Best of ProBlogger – 2008 by Darren Rouse – This is a great list of articles that I’ve actually read through a few times. If you are serious about blogging, read these articles and take ACTION.

The Psychology of Happiness: 13 Steps to a Better Life by J.D. – This is a great article on what you can do to lead a better life.

How Much is That Printer, Really? by Falling Man – This is a great blog post about not only the cost of a printer, but the total cost of using the printer including printer cartridges.

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January 12, 2009

Thanks so much for your compliment and recommendations HIB! The series has been great fun to interact with everyone so far and I can say I’ve learned a lot about leadership simply from writing it!

you have some excellent resources here to browse through as well, I will be back to take more time to review them. Thanks!

Posted by Mike King
January 12, 2009

Thanks for the link love!


Posted by Jeremy Day
January 12, 2009

@ Mike – No problem. I wouldn’t add you as a “Cool” link if I didn’t think you provided an excellent resource. Keep up the great work!

@ Jeremy – No problem. I’m here to help!

Posted by HIB
January 12, 2009

Really like the series from Derek as well, thanks again for pointed that out!

Posted by Mike King
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