Book Review: The One Minute Entrepreneur

Posted by 9 February, 2009

The One Minute Entrepreneur

I recently read The One Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson, and Ethan Willis. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I suspected it would be short given the “One Minute” in the title.

The story is about Jud McCarley, a fictional character, and his entrepreneurial adventures. The book is an interesting twist between fiction and non-fiction characters. It’s a quick read and guides you through Jud’s life as he acquires and perfects a skill at his first job, meets the love of his life, and starts a business based on his ability to give speeches. Throughout the book, there are a number of lessons learned about starting a business that are applicable across the business spectrum:

– Bring in more money than the expenses for your business

– Dream BIG. You’ll never achieve more than you think you can

– Take care of your employees

– If you only focus on managing costs, your business will never flourish

– Create raving fans

– A strength taken to an extreme can become a liability

– Everyone in your organization should be encouraged to be a leader

The best management system includes day to day coaching that acknowledges when people do things right and redirects their efforts when they are off base

– “To live a happy and fulfilled life, be generous with your wealth, time, and talent”

I think these are all good things to strive for when starting a business. The story line also stressed the importance of a work-life balance which I think is vital if you want to keep your friends and family close.

Overall, I thought this book was a good read. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s has a neat story and teaches a few basic principles about business. I think it’s worth your time to read it, but it’s not a book I’d suggest keeping on your shelf for future reference. I suggest getting this book from the library (that’s where I got my copy).

Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

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February 10, 2009

Hi Dustin,

I love book reviews! I actually read this book some time back but didn’t get much out of it, probably because I prefer specific examples to general advice. Plus I’d already read The One Minute Manager which I thought was great, and this book seemed to be a sequel building on the success of the other book. Still, it was good to be reminded of some general principles the book offers. Thanks!

Daphne’s last blog post..Site Update: Getting Better Everyday

Posted by Daphne
February 12, 2009

I like many of these ideas, and it was great to read your review. I get a lot of books from my library, and I’m on the lookout for new ones all the time. 😉

I thought the idea of managing costs vs. growing your business was good too. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of money, but when you look at spending in the grand scheme of things – it can pay off!

Oh and I love coaching. It does wonders.

Nathalie Lussier’s last blog post..5 Ways Bargaining Made Me a Better Spender

Posted by Nathalie Lussier
February 15, 2009

@ Daphne

I can definitely see how the One Minute Manager would be similar. Thanks for the comment!

@ Nathalie

I’m pretty thrifty so the managing costs concept is something that really stayed with me. Thanks for the comment!

HIB’s last blog post..The TED Spread and What It Means to You

Posted by HIB
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