Cool Links for Week of February 16th

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I just uploaded a new post about my updated adventures in Forex trading. Check out my previous post and watch my progress as I attempt to make this another stream of alternative income.

Customer Stories – These customer stories come from Steve at My Wife Quit Her Job. Steve and his wife own an online wedding supply store. While owning your own business may be seem “glamorous” to some, it definitely has it’s challenges as illustrated by their stories.

Do You Want to Grow Your Web Business – Derek is a successful online entrepreneur. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with him on many occasions through Gtalk. If you are interested in growing your web business, he is definitely someone you should speak with.

How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough by Glen – This is a guest post by Glen at PluginID. Glen offers some solid advice on accomplishing your goals while not in optimal conditions.

What Does Working Hard Mean to You? – To me, working more hours is not working harder. I feel working more effectively and efficiently is working harder. What do you think?

How I Became a Millionaire (Part 4: My Thirties) – Jen shares her story about how she became a millionaire. I hope to have a similar story, but with my own little twist. You can read the other parts of her series here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Top 100 Books for Freelance Writers – Great list of books. They are all now in my queue.

From 10 Hours a Week, $10 Million a Year – This is a neat story about a guy, Markus Frind, who had a great idea, put in some work, and now has a thriving enterprise. Does this happen often? I would say most likely not. I think this fits well into what Derek says about “tying it all together”. Work is a negative word. Instead, don’t find work to make a living, but find something you enjoy.

50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence On – This is a great list of social networking websites. I’m on most of them, but there are a few I had never heard of before.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words – There are a few great photos from the Olympics that I’m sure will enjoy.

The 15 Best Business Ideas & Sectors That Thrive During a Recession – I agree with most of these business ideas and sectors. I would also add to the mix business similar to the Dollar Store.

Should You Pay Your Kids for Good Grades? – The author, Nickel, doesn’t believe in paying your kids for good grades. I don’t have any kids, but I tend to agree with his philosophy.

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February 17, 2009

Great round up. I like Nickel’s post as well — and I agree. It seems that kids should learn that there is more to life than monetary rewards.

Miranda’s last blog post..Top 5 Tips for Your Retirement Account — For Those Just Starting Out

Posted by Miranda
February 17, 2009

@ Miranda – Thanks for the comment!

Posted by admin
February 17, 2009

Hey Dustin,

Great round up and thanks for the props!

Steve C @’s last blog post..How To Automate Backups For Your Online Store And Why I’m An Idiot

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