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My wife and I just finished a weekend long workshop on single family and multifamily real estate investing. We’re pretty excited about our starting our real estate investing journey. On a different front, I just finished reading Outliers and started Ready, Fire, Aim. Both very good books in their own ways. Now, onto great posts I’ve seen from around the web.

Mastering the Art of Procrastination – Mike takes a contrarian look at procrastination.

Magical Goal Setting – Jeremy has an interesting post of goal setting. I thought it was interesting that he compared attaining goals to water eroding mountains over time.

Getting Debt-Free Using The Debt Snowball Technique – Jeff has a great post on the debt snowball technique popularized by Dave Ramsey. Jeff is also proud to announce that he is debt free with the exception of his mortgage. Way to go Jeff!

A Secret to Writing Posts That Go Viral on Twitter – I’m still trying to figure out how to use Twitter to drive traffic to my blog. Another solid post by Darren at Problogger.

Shelly Palmer: Why You Need to Translate Value Into Wealth – I hadn’t heard about the four different online currencies so I appreciate Derek bringing that to my attention. There are different currencies online: 1) Attention,  2) Intention, 3) Fame, and 4) Street Cred.

How We Stopped Short of Becoming Lazy Pieces of Crap – Pretty cool how a baby kick started Steve’s life and his desire to accomplish something memorable.

Report: Texas is America’s Top Exporter – I thought this was a bit surprising given California’s size. According to the article, the top five recipients of Texas exports were Mexico, Canada, China the Netherlands, and Brazil.

Stock Dividends for Retirement Income – This is a really nice blog in general, but I enjoyed this article on stock dividends for retirement. Mr. Go To gives his experiences with stocks that pay dividends and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

20 Internet Marketing Trends for 2009 – Once you start your own business, you find out how important marketing is to your success. Here are 20 internet marketing trends to watch and ACT upon. The first few are common sense to me, but #3 (The Customer Voice) is something to watch. I’ve heard this referred to as Feedback 3.0 per Trend

Top 25 Free & Worthwhile Personal Finance E-books – I thought this was a great compilation of free e-books. A lot of these are provided through the government, but I think information is good as long as you have a good filter.

50 Ways to Budget Travel and Save Money on Vacations – Do you enjoy traveling? Money Ning has a lot of great ways to save a few bucks while on vacation. While on vacation last year, we rented apartments in different cities and were able to cook. This saved a significant amount of money give the weak US Dollar compared to the Euro.

How Are We NOT Frugal [Personal Account] – It seems like a lot of personal finance bloggers talk about how frugal they are so I thought this was a neat post about Clever Dude’s non frugal ways.

Have-Do-Be or Be-Do-Have – Do you have to have something before you can be abundant? I think the quote of “happiness is within” would apply in this instance. What do you think?

Russian Prediction: US to Collapse by 2010 – Mr. Panarin claims that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. The US is hurting financially as is the rest of the world, but personally I think this is a bit far fetched.

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February 24, 2009

I “stumbled” upon your site – congrats on starting your RE investing business… great time to buy (I should know!). You posted links / sites are great! I’ll be stopping by a few of them AND I’ve been dying to get my hands on outliers… thanks for the motivation!

Jennifer’s last blog post..How to use Twitter for lead generation?

Posted by Jennifer
February 24, 2009

Great resources! I liked Clever Dude’s post as well. I have my non-frugal ways as well 😉

Miranda’s last blog post..Economic Stimulus Update: How Much Has Been Spent on Bailouts?

Posted by Miranda
February 24, 2009

@ Jennifer – Welcome to Happiness Is Better. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We hope to see you around soon!

@ Miranda – I think we all have our non-frugal items whether we want to admit it or not!

Dustin’s last blog post..Cool Links for Week of February 23th

Posted by Dustin
February 25, 2009

I’ve been curious about Twitter. I never had anything go viral there and I mostly tend to see it as a waste of time, but I know many people feel otherwise. I’ll take a look at that Problogger post!

Posted by Vered - MomGrind
February 25, 2009

Thanks so much for the mention!

Mr. GoTo’s last blog post..Comparing Retirement Cost of Living in Different Locations

Posted by Mr. GoTo
February 26, 2009

@ Vered – Thanks for the comment!

@ Mr. Goto – No problem. You have a really great blog and I wanted to highlight that.

Dustin’s last blog post..Cool Links for Week of February 23th

Posted by Dustin
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