What Did The New Obama Speech About His Budget Mean to You?

Posted by 2 March, 2009


I watched President Obama’s speech the other evening (last Tuesday to be exact) as many of you did. I was curious to see what changes were going to be made to the budget and I was interested in his targets for getting the economy going.

I’m not sure if you had this issue, but I always have a tough time watching speeches similar to this because it’s so obvious that all of the other politicians are there to brown nose.

Here are some of the items that I took away from the speech:

– 95% of all Americans will see tax cuts on April 1st in their paychecks.

– There is a website where you can see what is being done to put the US economy on the road to recovery, Recovery.gov. I took a quick look at this website and there’s not a whole lot of information posted yet. I hope that changes in the future. By looking at the website, it looks like it was perhaps rolled out to be available prior to his speech to Congress.

– 3.5 million jobs created through infrastructure improvements: roads, bridges, broadband, mass transit, etc.

He gave three examples of how he is going to kick start the economy:

1. New Lending Fund – Flow of credit is the lifeline of America and he aims to get that credit going through a new lending fund that will be able to loan to people for cars, college, and small businesses.

2. Housing Plan – This plan will help responsible lenders and mortgagees to lower interest rates and help keep people in their homes. I thought something like this had already been implemented. From what I’ve read of past plans, they have been ineffective. I wonder what they will do differently.

3. Bank Accountability – Put pressure on banks to lend to people. Also, there was a real emphasis on keeping the banks accountable for the money they receive from the taxpayers.

Obama said this a few times:

It’s not about helping banks, it’s about helping people.

Obama also seemed to hit on three major points – healthcare, energy, and education. In mentioning each of the three pursuits, Obama discussed items he’d like to target within each. The most notable pursuits being seeking a cure for cancer during our lifetime and by 2020, have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

All of this being said, what does all of this mean to you?

If you don’t live in the US or if you don’t care for the US, the speech probably didn’t do much for you. This blog never will be about politics so let’s put that aside. Regardless of your political affiliation, this speech was significant to you for a variety of reasons.

For one, if you are a taxpayer, this speech gave us an indication of what is being done with OUR money to help straighten out the economy. As I mentioned earlier, Recovery.org is to be the government’s vehicle for transparency to the taxpayers. It’s great that spending will be transparent, but we also need to begin looking at a way to begin paying down the debt. Currently, the U.S deficit is at close to $11 TRILLION, according to brillig.com. That comes to just over $35,600 for every man, woman, and child. That number is frightening once you start looking at the number of people in your family. For my wife and I, we would need to pay back ~$71,000. I’m not into scare tactics, but these are the facts and we need to live with it and figure out how to reverse this trend quickly.

The second reason why this speech was significant to you is that if you earn under $250,000 as a household, your taxes will not go up.

The third reason is that it appears there will be a renewed emphasis on education. It’s easy to make a claim that education is important. Let’s see if there is some follow through.

Perhaps the most significant moment for me was the story of Leonard Abess. Mr. Abess sold a stake he had in a bank last November. He took $60 million of the proceeds from that sale and gave it to the bank’s present and 72 former employees. Some of the long time employees received as much as $100,000.

Did you watch the speech? What did you think? What did it mean for you?

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March 2, 2009

It’s all so frightening to me as I just can’t understand the lack of knowledge in our government to get us in to this mess in the first place. I hope there is one or two bright minds in there to find some saavy solutions in the very near future. Thanks for the scare and the reality. I’m not going there with ya, I have to remain positive but I’ll be realistic.

I’m just trying to find work myself and get a property rented so we don’t lose it.

Posted by MICHELE
March 5, 2009

I liked the speech.

I liked your article.

What I want everyone though to see and hear is this.

It is all about math.

Less than one million homes in foreclosure less than 1k per month mortgage plus interest time 12 months is = 12 billion dollars.

So for less than 12 billion dollars we could have paid for everyones mortgage that went into foreclosure last year.

So the 750 billion tarp was a lie.

So the prime mortgage meltdown is a lie.

So the foreclosure crisis causing the economic downturn is a lie.

Because along with the few that did not pay the vast majority did pay there mortgage and the math was they paid over 500 billion dollars in interest profit to whoever owns the mortgage.

So I agree with you but everyone needs to start doing the math and the truth will soon be easy to see.

The money going to corporations to prop them up is a downright lie. It is the theft or stealing of money, period.

The people of America are paying for that theft with the lose of jobs, no ability to borrow money, and no real change yet on the horizon.

I will wait for the math to change to change my mind.

I voted for Obama, and hope to God that he has smart people who also do the math.

More math.

To create jobs all the government needs to do is subsidize the wages of people which has been done before. If you subsidize %50 of wages up to 25K per year you would create 5 million jobs( or more up to 50k/yr) with 125 billion dollars. So for less money than we let AIG steal we could have employed every single American on Unemployment and all able bodied welfare reciepient.

More math.

We have more natural gas than the world has oil. Natural gas can run any automobile and it will do it for less money and negligent pollution(you close the garage door and run your car and not die). Natural gas is just that natural and it replenishes itself. We can buy 20 million natural gas vehicles for 400 billion dollars. Or more vehicles than every produced in the US in one year and eliminate the need for foriegn oil creating a bigger carbon reduction than anything ever in the history of mankind. Solar and wind producing 100% electricity would not even be 1/10 of the carbon reduction.

So the math is simple.

12 billion stop all foreclosures.

125 billion put everyone in America back to work.

400 billion buy Natural gas automobiles and stop global warming and eliminate all need for foreign oil.

It is math and it does not take a genius to see that we are being lied too and the money being stolen! We need to stop foreclosures, stop people from going jobless, and stop the world from ecological collapse.

Instead the government is stealing the money to give to corporations who do not even have there headquarters in the US and do not have to pay the money back!!!!

Wake up America and do the math.

Posted by dave c
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