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Green Triangle

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I read about the Green Triangle briefly in Getting a Life. It was an interesting concept that I hadn’t really thought about. The Green Triangle is the relationship between health, money, and environment. It draws a connection between them and, in Callenbach‘s words, “Any time you do something beneficial for one of them, you will inevitably also do something beneficial for the other two, whether you’re hoping to or not”.

My wife and I have been very interested in all three of these areas for a while, but we’ve only recently been taking action. My wife and I have been tracking our expenses and have been looking very carefully at how we spend our money. We’ve also been consistently running for the past few months. In addition to that, for the sake of saving money initially, we’ve been eating at home more often. The food we’ve been eating hasn’t been freshly prepared from scratch like we’d want it, but we’ve been consciously trying to exclude bad things from our diet such as fast food, high fructose, and foods with hydrogenated oils. The next step for us is to hopefully prepare meals in advance and freeze them and pull them out and quickly prepare as needed.

I apologize for the short post. I hope to “stockpile” a few posts this week as I will be going on a business trip a week from today.

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How would you spend the next year if you knew it was the last year of your life?

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I was reading Getting a Life that I had borrowed from the library. I was reading through the chapter at a pretty good clip and became fascinated by this question: How would you spend the next year if you knew it was the last year of your life? I think people in general, and myself included, often become engrossed in life and lose sight of what’s important. I’ve written a prior post about (here) how I need to constantly remind myself to enjoy life and not become so focused on my goals that I don’t enjoy myself.

So how would I spend the next year if I knew it was the last year of my life? My first reaction is that it’s a weird and creepy question to think about. The horrible part is that people my age are faced with this question on a daily basis.

1. I would quit my job.

2. I would make plans to visit friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, but only friends I had kept in touch with.

3. Hopefully it was in the year of the World Cup so I could attend. I’d like to attend with good friends of mine that also enjoy soccer.

4. I would religiously attend every UT Austin football game at home and away with my wife and friends.

5. I would spend as much time as I possibly could with my little brother (14 years younger than I).

6. I would volunteer my time to a big brother/big sister organization.

7. In college I was a social butterfly. I would gather people that I used to invite to La Feria on South Lamar in Austin for a margherita/quesadilla happy hour. They had $2.50 margheritas and FREE quesadillas.

8. I had the “hook up” back in college to go see the Austin City Limits television show. If it were indeed my last year, I would camp out in front of the television station to get FREE tickets to the show.

I put this list together pretty quickly. After thinking about for a few minutes, I think a few of these items in this list would also be included as items of interest in the “when I retire scenario”. How would you spend the next year of your life if you knew it was your last?

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