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10 Real Estate Investing Websites Off The Beaten Path

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If you are a real estate investor, chances are that you’ve heard of,,, and the various web 2.0 real estate investing websites. The following are some newer websites or websites I think may be helpful in your real estate investing career.

  1. Xap Realty: – This website is intended for realtors, but it appears to be a good tool. Their service is lead capture using text messaging. You text a phone number and the potential client receives all of the necessary info on the property and the real estate investor, in this instance, receives the phone number of the potential lead.
  2. Reactee: – Following the theme of the previous website, I’ve had shirts made from this company. I wear the shirt, “We Buy Houses”, and if people are interested, they can text “sellhouse” to a number.
  3. Lenderlab – – You’ve heard of lending tree, right? Well, this is a website for real estate investors needing a hard money loan or private money to do a rehab (know as a “flip” to people who watch “Flip That House”).
  4. Know X – – A website used to check a person’s background for various judgements nationwide.
  5. Rentmarketer – – You are able to list your property with them and they’ll post your ad anywhere from 25 to over 60 websites depending on the package you choose. The price is per property per month and the prices range from $39.95 to $99.95
  6. 3000 Door Hangers – – I think this is the cheapest place I’ve seen for door hangers. I personally have not done a whole lot of advertising using this method, but I plan on starting this VERY soon.
  7. Loco Print – – I think the name of the business says it all, but they probably have the best prices I’ve seen on flyers and signs. I personally have not used them, but I plan on giving their signs a try in the near future.
  8. Eppraisal – – I haven’t used trulia and zillow in a LONG time (since they first came on the market). When I used them, they were pretty far off the mark. I just took a quick look at Trulia, Zillow and Eppraisal. Trulia seems to have a better interface than the other two, but I’m still not completely satisfied on the accuracy of their comparative market analysis. That being said, if you want a quick look at an estimated value of your home, it’s probably within 10-20% of the correct value of your home.
  9. Rentbits – – Why am I putting a home rental website on here? Well, if you are a landlord, it’s nice to know how much your competition is charging. They are obviously not rented so you can’t get a true estimate unless you have access to MLS, but it gives you a good figure for how much to expect when looking at a prospective rental property.
  10. Real Estate Critic – – This website allows you to analyze potential rental property to get an estimate of cash flow. The best part of this website is that it’s FREE.
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