Families GO GONZO Carnival

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Welcome to the Families Go Gonzo Carnival. This is an idea that was suggested to me by Kilroy_60. I hadn’t really discussed family much on Happiness Is Better so I thought I would give it a try.

Family and friends are a large part of the lives of most people. They are a source of laughter, encouragement, and support in times of need. Some might say that families are an institution through it’s inherent guidance and support. I’m sure your family has been instrumental in shaping who you are today.

This carnival is a bit different from past posts, so please keep that in mind.


You’ve got to love families. Some family can test your nerves. Other parts of your family may be optically challenged (go with me on this one), but you love them all the same.

It’s always fun to get the family together around the holidays and although different heritages may have slightly different customs, most people have very similar experiences. At family gatherings, you can sit around the table and tell stories about your other family members and their shenanigans. Some people may hang out and watch football or others may go around the neighborhoods caroling.

What are some interesting stories that were told during your family gatherings?

Besides Thanksgiving (I love turkey, mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese), I would say that two of my favorite holidays are mother’s and father’s day. I like to make sure people know they are appreciated and those two holidays fill that void. What sorts of things have you done for mother’s or father’s day? I usually try to come up with a creative gift or treat my mother or father to dinner. I’ve also created some interesting mother’s day cards in the past using great photos. My wife, hoping that she might one day open a bakery, has come up with some creative cookies for people during the holidays. We typically try to give a present or gift that means something instead of just grabbing a gift card down at the nearest big box store. This isn’t just to save money, which I do enjoy, but I feel like these gifts come from the heart.

I recently took a look at the great photos and video from the past. A lot of great memories. From family photos to baby foot prints to pictures of friends at birthday parties and other events. Life is full of interesting stories.

What is your favorite holiday to spend with friends and family? Christmas? Hanukah? Memorial Day? 4th of July?

Family is an institution. Friends are also the family you choose. Much like the founder of this carnival created a blog to honor someone, this carnival is a reflection of the appreciation of the good time spent with some of the most important people in our lives, family.

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