Cool Links for Week of December 22nd

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12 for 12K by Danny Brown – This is a great cause. He has set the ambitious goal of getting 1200 people to donate $10 per month. Each month the $12,000 will go to one of twelve charities over the course of 12 months.

Self-Aware Daydreamers More Creative, Study Shows by Gina Trapani – This posts points out that there are two types of daydreaming. The first type of daydreaming is only noticed when others point it out by someone else and the second type is when you catch yourself daydreaming.

Yes, You Can Achieve Financial Independence by J.D Roth – A lot of great advice for anyone interested in seeking financial independence.

Home Business Idea: Virtual Assistant by Workshak – This is yet another option for extra income or for those of us that are seeking employment while at home.

What Makes Americans Happy and What Do We Fear Most? by Yes, I Can’t See You – A nice survey from Precise Opinion Inc. that shows just how happy Americans are these days.

Sales Training 101 by Derek – Within this article, he has a nice 5 step training workshop that everyone could use.

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Cool Links for Week of December 15th

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101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs by Blogtrepreneur – Lots of great resources here for the aspiring entrepreneur.

World’s Largest Wind Farm by Eon – Pretty interesting that Texas is the largest supplier of wind power and the largest wind farm.

Holiday Shopping Guide by Seth Godin – A nice list of alternatives to main stream big box shops.

Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places by Frugal Dad – This is a great post by a great blogger. He has observed that college students with lower salaries out of college tend to be more confident in their career decision. Interesting point!

Doing What You Love to Do Part 1 and Doing What You Love Part 2 by Moller Marketing – This is not one of my normal blog stops, but I’m glad I found it. This blog has lots of great posts and resources including these two posts.

MLS Tired of Zillow, Trulia: Goes Direct to Consumers by Techcrunch – It’s about time this occurred. It’ll be interesting to see how much information they allow the public to use. Look out realtors!

Thoughts on Being Successful by Kilroy_60 – Nice list of hints towards success! I imagine the US economy would be in a better situation if CEO’s had followed these thoughts on success, particularly the first thought, “Never compromise your ethics for money”.

Blog Carnivals

The Gonzo Blog Carnival is restarting after a hiatus. This is definitely worth a look! I was fortunate enough to be mentioned in the Carnival of Financial Planning and The Weekly Health Tips Carnival. There are a lot of great articles there in each of those carnivals.

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Cool Links for Week of December 8th

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30 Happiness Tips: Program Your Life for Optimum Enjoyment by Dumblittleman – He has some great tips for all about happiness.

7 Steps to Increase Traffic and Revenue Via Keyword Research by HowToMakeMyBlog – Keyword research is a new area for me so I thought this blog post was really helpful.

The $8 Billion story/scam by Seth Godin – The $8 billion dollar scam is the gift card industry. Surprisingly, $8 billion is not the amount spent on gift cards, but the amount of money made by companies from fees and breakage.

When My First Business Succeded (Part I – Starting Out) by Jake Kilroy – This is neat post (Part 1 of 5) by a guy recalling his first entrepreneurial adventures.

Self-powered Devices Possible, Researcher Says by Physorg – The idea is to convert sound waves from the people using the device, such as a cell phone, into energy. This is pretty cool in theory. It’ll be interesting to see how far along they are in their research. Imagine billions of these devices on a car and the power that could be harvested while zooming down a highway.

Why Do Franchisors Fail? by Mark Siebert – This is definitely an article to read if you are thinking of buying a franchise. Is your franchisor in financial trouble? Is the franchise established?

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Please check out my article recently posted on the Carnival of Personal Finance

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Cool Links for the Week of December 1st

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Car Making Going Green Without Detroit by James Kanter @ Green Inc. – The article presents the notion that Detroit seems to be out of touch with the future of making cars and unfortunately, I can’t say I disagree.

6 Tips for Using Your Twitter Profile to Get New Followers by Sara Rosso @ Twitip – There are some nice tips for people who use Twitter (like me @Happinessisbetr). The emphasis of the article is for people who have a blog or website, but there are some good tips here nevertheless. The big thing for me was the background templates I can use for my own twitter page.

12 Hacks on How to Become a Teamwork Guru @ Manage Your Life Now – A nice list of team work guidelines. One thing I try to keep in mind when I am working with people is that everyone is human and we all have feelings. I think it’s easy to take the human aspect out when there is a disagreement.

15 Ways to Overcome Anger by Tina @ Think Simple Now – Tina always provides great articles on personal development and this is no exception.

The Psychology of Happiness: 13 Steps to a Better Life by J.D. Roth @ Get Rich Slowly – J.D. provides a great list of steps to a better life. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned that we should embrace routine. We are trying to incorporate that into our lives.

5 Great Ways to Give Happiness by MP Dunleavey @ MSN Money – I like the first way to give happiness, “think life, not stuff.”

10 Donations Food Banks Need Most @ MSN Money – The best way to contribute to a food bank is by cold hard cash, but if you aren’t comfortable with that, the next logical choice is food. MSN Money gives a nice list of food they accept.

The Mega List of Personal Development Blogs @ Insight Writer – Here’s a great list of personal development blogs from around the web.

Also, be sure to check out the first ever Personal Development Carnival! The Cyber Monday Edition of Carnival of Personal Finance was just posted as well as the Carnival of Money Stories and both are chalk full of great bloggers.

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Cool Links for the Week of November 24th

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I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! Also, if you are interested in doing a guest post, feel free to send me an e-mail:

Seth Godin Tells Us to Quit by Jeff @ My Supercharged Life – This is a neat article and gives you a different perspective on the old adage “Winners never quit”.

Break Out of Your Money Comfort by Nathalie @ Billionaire Woman – One technique that I found to be really interesting is to gather a bank account statement or a digital copy of the balance in your checking account. Once you have that, using white out for the print out or photoshop for the digital version and put your ideal balance in there. As Nathalie would say, no target, no progress!

Your 5 Minute Guide to Quitting the Rat Race by MSN Staff @ MSN Money – This article has lots of resources for those of you interested in quitting the rat race.

6 Steps to Being Your Own Boss by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine – Lots of good resources as well as examples of people who are their own boss.

15 Stupid Business Ideas, That Aren’t Stupid at All by Mike @ The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – This was one of the more amusing business ideas:

Dog Doo Ornament – What better way to decorate your Christmas tree, than with a frosted dog doo?!? I don’t get it, but this thing is actually selling. Then again, I did write the book that ties entrepreneurialism to the bathroom experience.

Blog Carnivals:

The Gonzo Blog Carnival Series – Starts January 13th. If interested in providing a post or hosting the carnival, go here.

Money Hacks Carnival #39I was fortunate enough to have an article posted on this carnival so please take a look!

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